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The Horse and the Ass from Aesop + Flashcards

The Horse and the Ass is an English short story or fable adopted from Aesop’s fables with podcast and vocabulary practice in context. Improve your listening comprehension by listening to the podcast and enrich your vocabulary in real context with illustrations and images.

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The Horse and the Ass

A horse, proud of his fine trappings, met an ass on the highway.

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The ass, being heavily laden, moved slowly out of the way.

The Ass and His Show from Aesop's Fables with podcast and vocabulary practice

“Hardly,” said the horse, “can I resist kicking you with my heels.”

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The ass held his peace, and made only a silent appeal to the justice of God.

The Ass and His Purchaser Aesop's Fables at LELB Society with podcast and vocabulary

Not long afterwards the horse, having become broken-winded, was sent by his owner to the farm.

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The ass, seeing him drawing a dungcart, thus derided him:

“Where, O boaster, are now all thy gay trappings, thou who are thyself reduced to the condition you so lately treated with contempt?”

Podcast of the Horse and the Ass

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