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English Question on Charismatic Personality

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      1. Do you think you have a charismatic personality? In other words, do you think you can easily influence the people who interact with you?
      2. Can you consider someone with a charismatic personality who has greatly influenced you and your life?
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      Farhang Hooshmand

      I consider myself an up average person. Maybe some people can find some good points in my behavior and personality but being a charismatic person is something different. I know that charisma is a set of social skills that can be learnt but I perefer to be a ordinary person that do his job and responsibilities best,
      I had a friend that I considered him a charismatic person but unfortunalely time proved that I was wrong.

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        1. I prefer
        2. an ordinary person
        3. that does his job …
        4. I had a friend that I considered a charismatic person

        I’m sorry about your experience. I admit it’s very difficult to get to know people deeply.

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      No, I don’t consider myself as a charismatic person. I am more like an impressionable or sentimental person. And most of the people in my life have much influence on my life, which is not really good.

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        1. consider someone or something / something or some quality (no as). Regard requires “as” as the preposition.

        Well, you don’t really know unless you ask for your friends’ feedback about it. Sometimes, people are not even cognizant of some of their qualities or attributes including charisma.

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