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Philanderer 601 Words You Need to Know

Philanderer 601 Words You Need to Know

/fɪˈlæn.dər.əʳ/ (noun)


a man who has love affairs with a lot of women and avoids becoming emotionally involved with them, amorist, Don Juan, lothario, Romeo, wolf, womanizer, adulterer, flirt, lady-killer, playboy, Casanova


What’s interesting is that a philander was originally used to describe a woman. The word means ‘loving of men’ (philo- and ἀνήρ). In renaissance poems and plays, the word was misunderstood to mean ‘a loving man’, and was used as a name, Philander, Filandro, etc., for desirable young rakes. Eventually, through this use, philanderer was understood to mean ‘men who act like Philander’, and over time took on a negative connotation.


Parts of speech

Adjective: philandering

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