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English Webinar on IELTS Listening with Podcast

English Webinar on IELTS Listening

English Webinar on IELTS Listening

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Selected text on CoronaVirus safety measures

Part 1: Listening

  • Dominant accent: British and not American
  • The same listening test for both academic and general modules with the same scoring
  • Total time: 40 min
  • The IELTS listening recording will last for 30 minutes.
  • You must listen and write your answers on the questions paper at the same time.
  • You can listen to the recordings only once.
  • After the recording ends, you’ll be given an extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers from the questions paper to the answer sheet.
  • For each set of questions, there is a word count limit to consider.
    • Generally, you can write 2 words and 1 number for each question.
    • Write one word only for each answer.
    • Write one word and / or a number for each answer.
    • Write no more than two words and / or a number for each answer.
    • Write no more than three words for each answer.
  • Things you should take with yourself:
    • A pencil, eraser and your ID card
    • You should take notes with a pencil.
    • You can write your answers in lower or upper cases.
  • You will have time to review the questions before the recording is played.
  • If the word you write is spelled wrong, your answer will be regarded wrong.
  • It contains 4 sessions and 40 questions.
    • A conversation in an everyday social situation
    • A monologue in an everyday social context
    • A conversation among up to 4 speakers in an academic context
    • A monologue on an academic or educational subject
  • Variety of tasks
    • multiple-choice
    • short-answer questions
    • sentence completion
    • form/note/summary/diagram/flow-chart/table completion
    • diagram/plan/map labeling
    • matching

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