Reply To: English Question on Time Management Skills


Some degree of waste of time is quite normal because we are not robots or automatons, and sometimes various types of emotions just kick in and deviate us from perfectly managing our time. After all, I believe strict and hectic time management makes one’s life miserable and sad, although I’m a big fan of time management.

The point is that, I believe, we must be aware of what we are doing and where we are heading, and enjoy the lengthy journey of life.

I completely agree with you on being an early bird. In English, we say, “an early bird catches the worm“, particularly, the first hour of each day has a marvelous effect on the rest of the day. Therefore, we need to start our day brilliantly.

* If you had asked me this question (Conditional Sentence Type 3)
* at light speed / at the speed of light
* too much / so much


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