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Paralipsis Definition & Examples – 601 Words

Paralipsis definition and examples in real context from the book 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Enrich your advanced vocabulary in context and practice reading and listening comprehension in real-life situations and short passages.

/ˌparəˈlɪpsɪs/ (noun)

Paralipsis definition

a rhetorical device in literature to puts emphasis on a topic by deliberately not mentioning it in a conscious and mindful way to show that the topic is too obvious and it doesn’t need extra information. In expressing paralipsis, usually we use the term, not to mention …


Paralipsis is from the Greek word paraleipein, which means “to omit,” or “to leave something on one side.” It is defined as a rhetorical device in which an idea is deliberately suggested through a brief treatment of a subject, while most of the significant points are omitted. It is explained through the use of this device that some points are too obvious to mention. Also, paralipsis is a way of emphasizing a subject by apparently passing over it.

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