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Subjugate 1100 Words You Need Week 13 Day 1

1100 Words You Need

Subjugate 1100 Words You Need

/ˈsʌb.dʒʊ.geɪt/ (verb)

1. to defeat people or a country and rule them in a way which allows them no freedom, vanquish, conquer, subdue, defeat, overpower, overcome, crush, suppress, quell, overwhelm:

So how am I supposed to defeat and then subjugate nearby enemies? I can’t get the subjugation unless they’re weaker than me, I can’t make them weaker than me unless I against them, if I against them I can’t fight a NEW war for several years, at which point they will have built back up to equivalent… so it’s impossible to subjugate someone who is equivalent in power to you. Am I missing something obvious?

2. to treat yourself, your wishes or your beliefs as being less important than other people or their wishes or beliefs:

She subjugated herself to her mother’s needs.

Journalists must subjugate personal to their professional commitment to fairness and balance.

Antonym: liberate

Noun: subjugation, subjugator

Adj: subjugated, subjugable 

French: soumettre

Farsi: مطیع کردن

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