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Disseminate 1100 Words You Need Week 46 Day 1

Disseminate 1100 Words You Need Week 46 Day 1

/dɪˈsem.ɪ.neɪt/ (verb)

to give out or spread something in a large scale, propagate, spread widely, promulgate, circulate, disperse, distribute, publicize, pass on, make known, emit, broadcast, publish

Websites and mobile apps are now being used to gather and disseminate information about the occurrence, intensity, and areas affected by natural and human-made hazards. Some websites and mobile applications also provide guidance on how to prepare for or cope with extreme events. In this context, Web and mobile-based technologies are primarily used as hubs of information distributed to, as well as created by, a community of users. They depend heavily on social media for information exchange.


Noun: dissemination

Noun: disseminator

Adjective: disseminative

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