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For the following session, please study these assigned materials:
1. For round table, refer to the forum of English conversation questions and find the topic which doesn’t have any voice or reply yet:

English Conversation Questions for Adults

A hint: It’s about reaching your goals in life. I intentionally don’t give you links so that you would get more familiar with the structure of forums.
2. Storytelling (writing practice): Please go to this topic and add more events (plot) to the story paragraph by paragraph. You already know what to do.

Dealing with a Dilemma – Open-ended Story

3. Reading material

English Documentary on Giraffes with Transcript & Flashcards

4. English story:

The Miser – English Fairy Tale with Vocabulary Practice

5. (optional) Feedback from your side
You’re also welcome to express your feedback, criticism, precious ideas, suggestions, etc. in the forum of our feedback box:

Feedback Box for LELB Society’s Students

And last but not least, you can always use this forum to ask me questions:

English Language Forum Ask English Questions

Have a productive week and enjoy your life…

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