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Parsimonious 1100 Words You Need Week 19 Day 3

Parsimonious 1100 Words You Need

Parsimonious 1100 Words You Need

/ˌpɑː.sɪˈməʊ.ni.əs/ (adj)

extremely unwilling to spend money even on necessary things, too frugal, ungenerous, stingy, miserly, thrifty, tightfisted, mean, sparing, penny-pinching

In addition to proposing alternative explanations for a given phenomenon, the goal of science is to develop parsimonious models that capture, explain, and predict natural, humanistic, and social occurrences. As opposed to being developed in a theoretical vacuum, any measurement tool, whether qualitative or quantitative, should be based on theory and used to advance new theories. It follows that the principle of parsimony is at the core of both measurement and theory development. The principle of parsimony reflects the notion that researchers should strive for simple measurement models that use the minimum number of parameters needed to explain a given phenomenon.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/

A model with few variables is said to be parsimonious. If it is also analytically tractable, physically realistic, and conceptually insightful, it is said to be effective. Effective parsimonious models have long been used in fields such as economics and applied physics to describe the aggregate behavior of systems as opposed to the behavior of their individual parts. In transportation, these models are particularly well suited to address big picture questions because they provide insights that might be lost when focusing on details.

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Antonym: generous, extravagant, profligate, lavish

Adverb: parsimoniously

Noun: parsimony, parsimoniousness

Farsi: صرفه جو، خسیس


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