Definition of Alchemy in Real Context with Images

Definition of Alchemy in real context with images, parts of speech and synonyms for ESL learners with authentic examples and text Definition Example Antonyms Parts of speech /ˈæl.kə.mi/ (noun) Definition an obsolete and unscientific type of chemistry practiced in the Middle Ages which was intended to change or transform base metals like copper into gold … Read more

Bonanza 601 Words You Need to Know

Bonanza 601 Words You Need to Know /bəˈnæn.zə/ (noun) Definition a great source of wealth, riches and abundance, pot of gold, treasury, good fortune – valuable mineral deposit, treasure house, crook of gold, gold mine, Eldorado, jackpot Example My last two articles about playing financial offense and defense laid out two different pathways to get … Read more