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Vixen – Animal Terms in English

Vixen – Animal Terms in English in real context with illustrations

/ˈvɪk.sən/ (adj & noun)


female fox – an offensive term for an unpleasant and quarrelsome woman, fishwife, termagant


In American English, has the word “vixen” lost its negative connotations when used to refer to a woman?

I’ve only ever heard it used to refer to either literal lady foxes or women who are openly and almost aggressively sexual. I suppose someone uncomfortable with female sexuality might see that as a negative connotation, but I’ve never heard it used that way.


Parts of speech

Adjective: vixenly

Adjective: vixenish

Adverb: vixenly

Adverb: vixenishly

Noun: vixenishness

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