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آزمون انگلیسی پایه هشتم آزمون میان ترم با بازخورد مدرس

آزمون انگلیسی پایه هشتم آزمون میان ترم برای سنجش مهارت های زبان انگلیسی در بین دانش آموزان پایه هشتم به همراه فرم ارسال دیدگاه برای طرح پرسش دانش آموزان و دریافت پاسخ از طرف مدرس زبان انگلیسی

آزمون انگلیسی پایه هشتم آزمون میان ترم

1- Answer the following question.

A: ——————–?

B: It’s a beautiful country.

a) Where is Iran?   b) What’s Iran like?   c) Are you from Iran?    d) Are you Iranian?

2- Give a short answer to this question.

A: Are you Spanish?

B: No, —————-. I’m —————-.

3- Fill in the blanks below.

A: Where are Mark and Mary from?

B: Mark and Mary are Spanish. —————- are from ——————

4- Spelling check:

She’s from France or she’s —————-. He’s from Chine or he’s —————-

5- Your cousin is one of your ————-.

a) teachers    b) relatives    c) interviewers    d) activities

6- This day is between Monday and Wednesday: ———————

7- This time expression is between afternoon and night: —————-

8- Answer the following question from the conversation below.

A: I live in Taleghan, near Karaj. B: Really? ——————————– ?

a) nice to meet you       b) that sounds great       c) where are you from       d) what’s it like

9- Which time expression is correct?

a) every afternoon Tuesday    b) Tuesday every afternoon     c) every Tuesday afternoon     d) Tuesday every afternoon

10- ———————- are what you do during the week.

a) Weekly activities       b) Daily activities      c) Weekly shopping       d) Daily shopping

11- I go to school —————– and watch TV and relax ———————

a) on the weekend / on weekdays          b) on Sundays / on Fridays

c) on weekdays / on the weekend      d) on Thursdays and Fridays / during the week

12- A: Can you come to visit me this evening? B: No, —————————–

a) I can’t make it today     b) Oh, sure      c) That’s fine       d) That sounds great

13- Arash can play tennis, but ————————–

a) very well  b) not very good   c) not very well   d) very good

14- This activity is NOT a sport: ———————

a) swimming       b) riding a bicycle        c) playing football       d) cooking

15- Kamran can use a computer to ————————

a) search the Web        b) ride a bicycle         c) take photos              d) cook

16- Answer the following question: What city are you from? I’m —————————–.

17- A: Who is that boy? B: ————- my cousin, Jack.

a) They’re       b) He’s        c) She’s        d) We’re

18- I’m really good at —————- a puzzle.

a) take         b) taking       c) do          d) doing

19- What are the two days on the weekend in Iran? ———————————-

20- A: ————- do you go shopping? B: I go shopping on Wednesday afternoons.

a) Where       b) What       c) How       d) When

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