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Derogatory 1100 Words You Need Week 20 Day 1

Derogatory 1100 Words You Need

Derogatory 1100 Words You Need

/dɪˈrɒg.ə.tər.i/ (adj)

showing low opinion and disapproval, criticism, lack of respect, disparaging, pejorative, offensive, critical, insulting, belittling, deprecating, reviling

A student was ejected from the game after directing a derogatory comment toward Tennessee’s Santiago Vescovi and will face a disciplinary hearing, an Auburn official said. The fan was heard on TV calling out, “Go back to Uruguay! This is America!”

Source: https://apnews.com/

Instead, at the minimum, as soon as a teacher hears a derogatory comment, they should say, “Using that word(s) to put someone down is unacceptable.” At that point, they can go back to teaching their class or they can make the decision to spend a few more minutes addressing the remark with some depth.

Source: https://www.adl.org/

Antonym: complimentary

Noun: derogatoriness

Adverb: derogatorily

Farsi: موهن ،مضر،زيان اور و مايه رسوايى ،خفت اور


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