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English Question on History for Discussion & Writing

Last updated on July 22, 2022 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 8 Comments on English Question on History for Discussion & Writing, 46 Views and Reading Time: 2 minutes
English question on history for IELTS & TOEFL students to practice conversation and writing and receive feedback in an interactive way How might the world be different if you could actually change some historical event? How sure are you that the long-term consequences would be positive? Do you believe that “history repeats itself”? Reading practice

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8 comments on “English Question on History for Discussion & Writing”

  1. 1. I think that the major historical events most of the time are not in the hands of one person but they are the results of decisions or acts of a society or nations. So if a nation reaches to certain point to make a decision – bad or good – I think it is better to let them alone to do that. Sometimes in future they understand that they made a good choice or not.
    2. I am not sure that the long term consequences will be positive. The societies must become mature in the course of time and events. Sometimes without experiencing a disaster they can not grow and florish.
    3- sure , it does repeat itself.

    • I believe sometimes one small event in history could yield big unexpected results. This is based on the domino effect or butterfly effect because, according to these theories, everything is related to each other.

      * flourish

  2. 1. I’m not sure. Maybe it would be really different and better or maybe it would be worse. Or maybe preventing an event in the past would just postpone it.
    2. In fact I’m not sure. But I’ve seen in many movies and read in books that the history is unchangeable. I think the reason of that could be that people learn from particular events and circumstances. We can not skip from those certain levels.
    3. Yes, I do believe in this. I guess it’s the same in our personal lives too. As long as we don’t get a lesson or point, it’s gonna happen again and again like a loop, till the time we learn.

    • Thank you for your comment. We will surely discuss your raised points in the class.

      * skip from sth = skip sth
      * The last word, learn, is transitive, so you need to use an object.

  3. How might the world be different if you could actually change some historical event?

    If I was able to change some historical events, It would not have changed any thing, because I believe that historical events do not change the general position of word. If the inventor of an innovative inventions did not provide its invention at all, it would have been done finally after one or two years delay by another scientific.
    “History repeat itself” it means that all af us are a mean to change our place of life to better place, if we do not change it in appropriate type some others would change it.

    How sure are you that the long-term consequences would be positive?

    As an answer of this question I want to point a quotation wich says finally the right is victorious.
    It means that finally in long-term consequences would be positive and we are just tools.

    Do you believe that “history repeats itself”?

    I believe this sentence extremely. It is not so difficult to understand the meaning of this sentence. It is only needed to study our ancestors lives and historical events. If we review this events we can vividly understand that all historical events repeats itself and each event is only a life lesson.

    • * change anything
      * the general position of the world ??
      * two-year delay – “two-year” is an adjective for “delay”, therefore, it should be singular
      * another scientist
      * mean –> means (tool)
      * an answer to this question
      * which says
      * ancestors’ lives
      * review these events

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