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Reply To: Her Movie Review and Analysis in Film Criticism Course

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Her (2013) is an excellent film on the prospect of AI superiority over human intelligence in the future. This futuristic movie was really ahead of its time because just 2 years after its release in 2013, Microsoft introduced Cortana in Windows 10 based on artificial intelligence to interact with Windows 10 users verbally. What’s more, in less than 10 years after the release of Her (2013), there’s been a revolution in the utilization of artificial intelligence in computer-based devices, which is called ChatGPT presented for the first time by OpenAI software company.
On the outset of its existence, the supposedly female operating system consciously chose a name for itself, Samantha in a fraction of a second. This was a pretty clear warning if taken seriously. The machine soon grew rapidly and gained an abundance of logic, intelligence and, above all, autonomy. It or she could even become jealous of her owner, while Theodore did not have any clue about it.
These days, Microsoft Bing is even overtaking Google in optimizing search experiences by incorporating ChatGPT into http://www.bing.com running on Microsoft Edge. This is a big dramatic change in the realm of search engine optimization.

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