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Gourmand Definition in Context from 601 Words

Gourmand definition in real context about food and eating from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Enrich your academic and advanced vocabulary with images and synonyms and in authentic context.

/gɔːˈmãːd/ US /ˈgʊr.mɑːnd/ (noun)

Gourmand definition

a person who loves eating food especially excessively, gastronome, food lover, glutton, foodie, epicure, gourmet, voracious eater, gluttonous person, overeater, greedy guts


Professor Boyd argues that the reason we are so fat and obese is because we as gourmands are in a “hypercaloric environment”. There’s just too much food laying around, the exact type (carbs, fat, etc.) doesn’t matter. That drives “opportunistic voracity” (great words!). That means that there’s heaps of food around and we just gobble up too many calories. Metabolic partitioning and macronutrient intake has very little to do with it, although in Boyd’s words “the science of the particular dangers of saturated fat is long since settled”. He is not only adamant, but convincing and speaks strongly about exactly this.

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Parts of speech

Noun: gourmandism

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