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Rendezvous Meaning in Context with Images

Rendezvous meaning in real context with images and synonyms from the book, Vocabulary for the College-bound Student used in authentic passages. Practice reading comprehension and improve your advanced vocabulary.

/ˈrɒn.deɪ.vuː/ (noun & verb)

Rendezvous meaning

prespecified or prearranged meeting or meeting place especially a secret meeting, tryst, engagement, date, appointment, place of meeting, assignation, site, resort


Is there a good, easy to find and obvious rendezvous point for two groups of people to meet at when neither party has been there yet?

At the end of the Avenida Metiteraneo (old town end, walk down from the hotel to main dual carriageway road and turn right) you will find Plaza Hisplanadad, known to Brits as ‘McDonald’s Square’. Many people meet up at or outside the McDonalds restaurant. A good place and a perfect rendezvous to meet as many of the local buses pass through or terminate in this area. You can get a local map at reception and they will show you.

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