Euphoria Meaning in Context from 601 Words

Euphoria meaning in real context with images and synonyms selected from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Improve your academic and advanced vocabulary in authentic context with text-to-speech functionality. /juːˈfɔː.ri.ə/ (noun) Euphoria meaning extreme happiness and joy, exaltation, elation, jubilation, exultation, exhilaration, delight, bliss, ecstasy, rapture Example Euphoria or happiness is … Read more

Panegyric GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Panegyric GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˌpæn.əˈdʒɪr.ɪk/ (noun) Definition a piece of writing or speech intended to exalt someone or give them compliments, encomium, accolade, eulogy, homage, tribute, speech of praise Example To appreciate the special significance of the term “panegyric” in Dryden’s day, it is helpful to distinguish this term from its common twentieth-century synonym, “encomium.” … Read more

Aggrandize GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Aggrandize GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ə-‘gran-ˌdīz/ (verb) Definition to augment and increase something in terms of power or influence, apotheosize, enlarge, amplify, boost, multiply, exalt, extend, upgrade, dignify, expand, empower, elevate, magnify, swell Example Trump’s self-aggrandizement has become a dominant theme of the presidential campaign. The billionaire boasts about his wealth, his portfolio of gleaming buildings … Read more

Laudable 1100 Words You Need Week 6 Day 3

Laudable 1100 Words You Need /ˈlɔː.də.bļ/ (adj) (of actions and behavior) deserving praise, even if there is little or no success, praiseworthy, admirable, creditable, worthy, commendable, impressive, meritorious, a laudable aim/ambition The recycling program is laudable, but does it save much money? Antonym: despicable, blameworthy, reprehensible Verb: laud: to praise, commend, glorify, pay tribute to, … Read more