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Vis-à-vis Meaning & Synonyms from 601 Words You Need

Vis-à-vis Meaning and synonyms from the book 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam in real context with clear illustrations for GRE candidates and advanced learners of English with text-to-speech functionality.

/ˌvɪz.əˈviː/ (preposition & adv)

Vis-à-vis Meaning

in comparison with, counterpart, against, contra, versus, as opposed to, opposition, opposite to

in relation to, in respect of, apropos, with regard to, regarding, tête-à-tête

Adverb: face-to-face


Windows 11 marks a big departure from Windows 10 in terms of design, but the two operating systems are very similar under the hood. With the new OS now available on select devices — and rolling out at a quicker pace than Microsoft expected — comparing Windows 11 vis-à-vis Windows 10 has never been more important.

Visually, the two operating systems can look quite different. But there are also key changes under the hood that set the next generation of Windows apart from the current generation. You probably have questions about whether you should upgrade, and we have you covered with this look at all the differences between the two. Make sure you check out our in-depth Windows 11 review.

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