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انگلیسی پایه هشتم درس پنجم با ویدیو و تمرین تلفظ درست واژگان

انگلیسی پایه هشتم درس پنجم با ویدیو و تمرین تلفظ درست واژگان تدریس شده توسط دکتر محمد حسین حریری اصل، دکترای آموزش زبان انگلیسی با گرایش آموزش آنلاین

ویدیوی انگلیسی پایه هشتم درس پنجم

Lesson 5


Listen to Morteza and Phanindra talking about Isfahan.

Phanindra: Morteza, tell me about Isfahan. Where is it?
Morteza: Well, Isfahan’s an old city in the center of Iran.
Phanindra: What’s it like?
Morteza: It’s a big and clean city.
Phanindra: Any famous buildings?
Morteza: Yes, many. Actually, Isfahan is very famous for its mosques and palaces.
Phanindra: Are there any museums?
Morteza: Yes, some great ones.
Phanindra: I should see the city soon.
Morteza: Sure, and we can have special food downtown.

Practice 1 Talking about a Place (1)

Where is Isfahan?
Where is Maku?
Where is Karaj?
Where is it?
It’s in the center of Iran.
It’s in the north-west.
It’s near the capital.
It’s in the south.

Practice 2 Talking about a Place (2)

What’s Isfahan like?
What is it famous for?
It’s old.
It’s a big city.
It’s very clean.
It’s very famous for its old mosques.

Practice 3 Talking about a Place (3)

Are there any libraries?
Is there a metro system?
Are there any restaurants?
Are there any museums?
Is there a stadium?
Yes, there are./ No, there aren’t.
Yes, there is./ No, there isn’t.
Yes, many.
Yes, some great ones.
Yes, a new one.

New words


Spelling and Pronunciation

Listen to a conversation between the student and his teacher.
Student : Excuse me, what’s جنوب غربی in English?
Teacher : ‘South-west’.
Student: Please say it again.
Teacher : South-west.
Student : But my friends say ‘south-west’∗. Is it correct?
Teacher: No, that’s not correct. Say ‘south’.
Student : Thank you.

Can you say and write the location of 5 famous cities in Iran?

Reading, Speaking and Writing

Pair Work

Student A:
Look at the card on Page 64 and answer student B’s questions.
Student B:
Look at the card on Page 92 and answer student A’s questions.

Ask and answer about the city and fill out the cards.

Role Play

Pair Work

In pairs, first decide on a city in Iran.
Student A:
Imagine you are a guest from another country. Think of some questions and ask your classmate about the city.
Student B:
Think of some information about the city and answer your classmate’s questions.

Then change roles.

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