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Connubial 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 2

Connubial 1100 Words You Need

Connubial 1100 Words You Need

/kəˈnjuː.bi.əl/ (adj)

related to marriage, conjugal, marital, matrimonial, connected with marriage, nuptial, married, wedded

For a successful marriage, to benefit those who are going to get married and also for those who are already living a married life. How to live a happy married life: How to make your marriage a perfect conjugal bliss, marital bliss, connubial bliss, or a heavenly bliss: Follow simple steps:

You will definitely agree that happiness in your marriage is as essential as food is for starvation. Perhaps you’d like to be happier in your marriage, or you’re thinking about getting married and you’re looking for hints and tips. Here’s some good advice for living a happily married life. In other words a kind of relationship advice for a healthy married life.

It has been rightly said; Marriages are made in Heaven and executed on earth. In normal course you marry to the one who is genetically similar and acceptable to you. Science has also proved this. By your instincts, you accept to marry your partner, only if your chemistry matches. Only then you will like to be in the company of each other for all your life or be able to stay together. Most of the arranged marriages are successful or have a higher or better prospects of success, only because this aspect gets taken care of by the elderly members of your families. Leave aside the exceptions where the arranged marriages take place out of some selfish motives, and some of the love marriages taking place without much understanding and maturity.

Source: https://happy-and-healthy-long-life.blogspot.com/

Antonym: unmarried

Adverb: connubially

Farsi: وابسته به زناشويى

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