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Corpus Delicti Definition in Context with Images

Corpus delicti definition in context with images and real examples in short passages from the book, Vocabulary for the College-bound Student as a legal term in English. Learn the word, corpus delicti, in authentic passages.

/ˈkɔː.pəs – dɪˈlɪktʌɪ/ (noun)

Corpus delicti definition

  1. the facts and pieces of evidence proving that a crime or murder has been committed or perpetrated, in Latin it means: body of crime, facts of crime
  2. the material substance or evidence, e.g. the body of the victim, on which a crime or murder has been committed


Corpus delicti in Western law, is the principle that a crime must be proved to have occurred before a person can be convicted of committing that crime. For example, a person cannot be tried for larceny unless it can be proven that property has been stolen. Likewise, in order for a person to be tried for arson it must be proven that a criminal act resulted in the burning of a property.

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