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Asynchronous Learning with 5,000+ Comments

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      Asynchronous learning refers to any adopted method for learning when the learners and the teacher interact with each other asynchronously or at intervals. This could bring so many advantages for both the learners and the teacher as well, including learner autonomy, flexibility in time, more reflectivity, and so on.

      Asynchronous learning, especially in language learning, allows the teacher and the learners to practice learning second languages at their convenience. This is specially ideal for people with hectic schedules and busy lives.

      On the other hand, if merged with flipped learning, asynchronous learning could promote more collaboration in flipped learning as the students are encouraged to learn from each other asynchronously and collaboratively.

      At LELB Society, there have been over 5,000 comments and replies submitted to us by our students. The number is increasing on a daily basis. Our students are able to learn from each other and the teacher as well in the social context of LELB Society.

      Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, the founder of LELB Society, tries to implement social presence and flipped learning to elevate the level of reflectivity in our students in the following way:

      The students are given some assignments before the synchronous or online classes. The students study the assigned materials and watch the corresponding videos embedded in the lessons as many times as they wish before the classes. Afterward, they leave text and even voice messages asynchronously in the comment forms and forums about the specified lessons. Dr. Hariri has labelled this activity, round table, because the learners and the teacher can enjoy learning from each other interactivity, asynchronously and reflectively.

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