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Indian Summer 1100 Words You Need Week 12 Day 4

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Indian Summer 1100 Words

  1. a period of calm which sometimes happens in the early autumn, mild autumn weather, fall, equinox:
  2. a pleasant or successful time nearly someone’s life, job or other period, time of calm, end, culmination, decline:

The first cold spell of fall signifying the change of seasons makes many people Indian Summer.  But what exactly is Indian Summer?

True Indian Summer is a period of abnormally warm weather following the of autumn. A occurs when the overnight temperature reaches 28 degrees or colder and may or may not occur with frost.

Indian Summer typically occurs in mid to late autumn and can occur more than once.

In Europe, the equivalent of Indian Summer is termed  or in poetry as Halcyon Days.  In England, it is known as either St. Martin’s Summer or St. Luke’s Summer depending upon the date of occurrence.

A star of the 1960s, she’s enjoying an Indian summer with her second highly acclaimed film this year.

Antonyms: spring, beginning

French: été indien

Farsi: تابستان هندی

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