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Lupine – English Vocabulary about Animals

Lupine – English Vocabulary about Animals

/ˈluː.pɪn/ (adj & noun)

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(also lupin) wolf-like or similar to wolves esp because of being ravenous and wild, voracious, rapacious, ravening, predatory, greedy

Noun: a plant with tall flower spikes


A bloody, stinking sheep’s carcass greets shepherd Yves Vignon as he walks to check on his flock on the foggy Alpine heights. It’s the 17th of his ewes to be savaged in a month.

The mountains over Grenoble were once an ideal grazing ground for his 900 sheep. But now, after long banishment, the lupine and ravenous wolves are back – bolder and hungrier than ever.



sated, benign, generous, innocuous

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