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Nemesis 601 Words You Need to Know

Nemesis 601 Words You Need to Know

/ˈnem.ə.sɪs/ (noun)

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an opponent or enemy that is very difficult to defeat, unbeatable opponent, competitor, adversary – deserved punishment, fate, vengeance, revenge, retribution, revenger, retaliator – ruin, ruination, destruction


Mirwaiz, Lone assassinations proved a nemesis for Kashmir’s separatist movement

Cleric-politician Mirwaiz Farooq, President of Awami Action Committee (AAC), and the Peoples Conference (PC) founder-president, Abdul Gani Lone, met an identical fate. While Mirwaiz was shot dead in a terror strike at his Nageen residence on 21 May 1990, Lone with two Police guards was gunned down at Srinagar’s sprawling Eidgah grounds at the end of a commemoration ceremony for Mirwaiz on 21 May 2002.




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