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Severity 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 27

Severity 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 27

/sɪˈver.ɪ.ti/ (noun)

the state of being intense or severe, intenseness, intensity, harshness, strictness, cruelty, sternness, ruthlessness, cruelty, brutality, relentlessness – seriousness, gravity, acuteness – simplicity, bareness, plainness

We compared three assessor types (self-assessors, peer-assessors, and teacher assessors) to determine whether they differed in the levels of severity they exercised when rating essays. We analyzed the ratings of 194 assessors who evaluated 188 essays that students enrolled in two state-run universities in Iran wrote. The assessors employed a 6-point analytic scale to provide ratings on 15 assessment criteria.


Antonyms: gentleness, insignificance

Adjective: severe

Adverb: severely

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