Stringent Definition in Context with Images

Stringent definition in real context with synonyms and in short passages

Stringent definition in real context with images, synonyms and antonyms to practice reading comprehension and enrich your advanced vocabulary in authentic passages. You can also listen to any selected text. /ˈstrɪn.dʒənt/ (adj) Stringent definition having an extremely severe effect, rigorous, strict, strictly controlled, harsh, draconian, stern, rigid, inflexible Example Kenya has stringent rules when itRead

Grievous GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Grievous GRE Vocabulary Flashcard at LELB Society

Grievous GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈgriː.vəs/ (adj) Definition extremely serious and grave, painful, severe, vehement, intense, awful, demanding, dolorous, dreadful, onerous, burdensome, traumatic, dire, calamitous, mortal, agonizing, mournful Example Anxiety can be normal and understandable, especially in response to difficult times. But when anxiety becomes crippling, it is destructive and disruptive. Getting treatment is the firstRead

Severity 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 27

severity LELB Society

Severity 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 27 /sɪˈver.ɪ.ti/ (noun) the state of being intense or severe, intenseness, intensity, harshness, strictness, cruelty, sternness, ruthlessness, cruelty, brutality, relentlessness – seriousness, gravity, acuteness – simplicity, bareness, plainness We compared three assessor types (self-assessors, peer-assessors, and teacher assessors) to determine whether they differed in the levels of severity theyRead

Harsh – English Flashcard for Harsh for IELTS

Harsh English Flashcard for Harsh LELB Society

Harsh Harsh (adj) /hɑːʃ/ US /hɑːrʃ/ difficult to tolerate or endure, severe, intense, austere, unpleasant and unkind, unsympathetic and critical, inhospitable She’s so squeamish. So, she cannot stand any harsh criticism. harsh voice / chemicals / punishment Antonyms: mild, gentle, kind, pleasant Noun: harshness Adverb: harshlyRead more

Austere – English Flashcard for Austere with Synonyms

Austere - English Flashcard for Austere - LELB Society

Austere Austere (adj) /ɔːˈstɪəʳ/ US /ɑːˈstɪr/ lacking in comfort – suggesting physical hardship – serious and grim – ascetic – too plain and simple without luxury – unadorned: The edifice has been decorated with austere simplicity. His austere and grim face indicated that he had taken so much offense. Antonyms: gentle, comfortable, ornate Adverb: austerelyRead