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Vacuous Definition & Synonyms from 601 Words

Vacuous definition and synonyms with images and antonyms from the coursebook 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam used in authentic and real context with examples and parts of speech for advanced ESL learners.

/ˈvæk.ju.əs/ (adj)

Vacuous definition

lacking initiative or intelligence, thoughtless, inane, idiotic, stupid, empty-headed, fatuous, unintelligent, silly, foolish

lacking any content and therefore empty, vacant, blank, void, hollow, unfilled


What If Students Ask Silly and Vacuous Questions? Question Formulation and Classroom Management

In the second grade classroom, the teacher presented the class with a QFocus and the first student who volunteered asked a vacuous question whose purpose was to be silly. The teacher, believing that she needed to accept anything that was offered, wrote the silly and vacuous question on the board. This class quickly degenerated into kids trying to one-up each other by asking progressively more silly and ridiculous questions.

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intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, bright, replete, full

Parts of speech

Adverb: vacuously

Noun: vacuousness

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2 comments on “Vacuous Definition & Synonyms from 601 Words”

  1. Dear Dr Hariri
    What’s the meaning of
    1. whose purpose was to be silly.
    2″This class quickly degenerated into kids …”

    • Hi dear Dr. Hooshmand,
      1. … asked a vacuous question whose purpose was to be silly
      Whose here is not used to ask a question. In contrast, it refers to the question. In fact, whose purpose means “the purpose of the question”. Another example:
      This is the book whose font is so tiny. = This is the book and the font of the book is so tiny.
      2. The formal class with normal students turned into a playground (degenerated) where only kids were gaining advantage over each other (one-up) in a competitive way by asking silly questions from the teacher, and the situation became chaotic and uncontrollable.


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