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Braggadocio Synonym & Meaning – 601 Words

Braggadocio synonym and meaning in authentic context from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Improve your listening and reading comprehension with the word, braggadocio.

/ˌbraɡəˈdəʊtʃɪəʊ/ (noun)

Braggadocio synonym

a braggadocio is a person who is arrogant and boastful, braggart, an overblown and empty boasting person in a self-aggrandizing manner, boaster, blower, bragger


Nobody really likes a bragger or braggadocio, but that doesn’t seem to stop the behavior. It doesn’t stop when we avoid eye contact, chuckle at this apparently unconscious character flaw, or show our boredom with a yawn, either. That’s because a bragger doesn’t notice—he or she is either insensitive to begin with or becomes insensitive while braggingBragging is similar to getting a fix or fill of something, perhaps to forget the emptiness someone feels inside (think narcissism).

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humility, meekness

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