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Cursory 1100 Words You Need Week 16 Day 1

Cursory 1100 Words You Need

Cursory 1100 Words You Need

/ˈkɜː.sər.i/ (adj)

done in a quick and superficial way, passing, brief, hasty, hurried, perfunctory, rapid, desultory, fleeting:

From the 1970s onwards, photographs as documentary evidence soon became established as a social research technique more widely across the social sciences. However, popularity over time has both wavered and varied with a number of different approaches emerging in respect of how photography can best be utilised. Becker (2002, 2004) makes the point that when we look at photographs we should first take a cursory look at the focus of the photograph followed by a closer inspection that importantly focuses on and studies its detail. This ensures that the content and understanding of the photograph is fully engaged with, thus exploring its full potential. As Becker (2002) points out, it is not sufficient to look at a photograph in isolation, we must also locate it within society and its societal and cultural context.

Source: The book: Teaching Visual Methods in the Social Sciences

Americans have been told that all people who need Covad-19 tests will get them. That is a patently false claim. I am 61 years old and recently returned home to Brooklyn, New York, after a five-day work trip to Barcelona, Spain. Days after my return, I developed the classic symptoms of a dry cough and high fever. As a mild asthma sufferer – and therefore a high-risk person – I was particularly concerned, and so on the morning of Tuesday 3 March, I called ahead and then presented myself at my local ER to get tested for the coronavirus. After a cursory examination in which my blood pressure and temperature were monitored, a young physician’s assistant listened to my chest, there was some online exploration of the CDC guidelines, and after a brief discussion with an attending physician that I was not privy too, I was told that I did not qualify for the test because I had not traveled to any of the listed “global corona hotspots”. I was asked to please wear the mask they had given me on my walk back home.


Vrosik changed her console configuration and brought up the schematics and history on the swarmers. She’d read it before, cursorily, but now she looked for anything that might give them an edge against the numerous flailing foes. Suddenly she turned to Callius and urgently said, “I have to take the main engine offline. Just give me… twenty seconds.”


Antonym: thorough

Adverb: cursorily

Noun: cursoriness

Farsi: سرسری، تند و بی دقت

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