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Dispute 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 31

Dispute 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 31

/dɪˈspjuːt/ (noun & verb)

Noun: disagreement or argument, rift, quarrel, strife, clash, row

Verb: to disagree, argue, debate, wrangle, discuss, quarrel, exchange views – impugn, doubt, contest

Every workplace is made up of individuals with different personalities, backgrounds, work habits, values, and ideas. While these differences can bring unique perspectives and other advantages to an employer, they may also result in the occasional conflict among employees. Whether it’s a disagreement about how to proceed on a project, what temperature to set the thermostat (actually a somewhat common source of conflict), or who’s responsible for certain tasks, if left ignored, disputes can have a negative impact on employees and the business.


Antonyms: agree, agreement

Noun: disputation

Noun: disputer

Adjective: disputed

Adjective: disputable

Adjective: disputatious

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