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Itinerant 1100 Words You Need Week 18 Day 4

Itinerant 1100 Words You Need

Itinerant 1100 Words You Need

/aɪˈtɪn.ər.ənt/ (adj & noun)

traveling or moving from one place to another, nomadic, roaming, moving, commuting, wandering:

In the 1930s, itinerant workers were not treated well at all. They had very poor living conditions, and would often get sick since they lived with so many other people in such a small space. Most migrant workers worked on farms or ranches, getting paid 15-25 cents an hour – that’s only $5 a day! Often they would work for about 12 hours a day, 6 days of the week. Even children had to do this labor. The workers weren’t allowed to leave the state they were in unless they were given permission by their employers.


Antonym: settled

Noun: itinerancy

Adverb: itinerantly

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