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Paroxysm 1100 Words You Need Week 7 Day 1

Paroxysm 1100 Words You Need

Paroxysm 1100 Words You Need

/ˈpær.ɒk.sɪ.zəm/ (noun)

a sudden and powerful expression of strong feeling, especially one that you cannot control, sudden outburst of emotion, convulsion, fit, spasm, seizure, attack, outbreak, frenzy, outpouring, exposition, eruption:

In a sudden paroxysm of jealousy he threw her clothes out of the window.

paroxysms of laughter

antonym: tranquility, calmness, equilibrium, peace of mind

adj: paroxysmic, paroxysmal

adv: paroxysmally

Fre: paroxysme

Fa: دیوانگی


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