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Maverick 601 Words You Need to Know

Maverick 601 Words You Need to Know

ˈmæv.ər.ɪk/ (noun)

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a person who intentionally disobeys the accepted rules of society because they think and act independently, iconoclast, rebel, dissident, individualist, eccentric, free spirit, nonconformist, unorthodox person, bohemian – unbranded animal


Mavericks challenge the status quo: One of the world’s most recognised creative advertising agencies, BBH, has a motto “when the world zigs, zag.” Mavericks are not afraid of going against the grain and speaking up when something isn’t right or not working as it currently stands. BBH spent its formative years challenging the stuffy old world of advertising, making award winning iconic ads for brands like Levi Stauss and Audi along the way.




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