Cosmetologist 601 Words You Need to Know

Cosmetologist 601 Words You Need to Know /ˌkäz-mə-‘tä-lə-jist/ (noun) Definition an expert in the field of cosmetics or cosmetic preparations to improve people especially women’s physical appearance and beauty, beautician Example Cosmetology refers to the study of beauty treatments, and cosmetology expert witnesses and consultants have experience in various cosmetic products and treatments. A consulting … Read more

Pulchritude GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Pulchritude GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈpʌl.krɪ.tjuːd/ (noun) Definition (especially of a woman) physical beauty, comeliness, aesthetic, attractiveness, gorgeousness, loveliness, handsomeness, prettiness Example Venus is a Roman goddess, whose functions encompassed love, pulchritude, desire, fertility, prosperity, and victory. In Roman mythology, she was the ancestor of the Roman people through her son, Aeneas, who survived the fall … Read more

Aesthetic GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Aesthetic GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /esˈθet.ɪk/ (adj) Definition artistic, relating to beauty or the study of beauty, gracious, beautiful, tasteful, appealing, pleasing in appearance, appreciation of beauty, visual Example Aesthetics is the philosophical study of beauty and taste. It is closely related to the philosophy of art, which is concerned with the nature of art and … Read more