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Will you Forgive Your Friends Unconditionally

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      1. How forgiving are you when your friends let you down?
      2. Do you forgive your friends under any circumstances? Explain more.
      3. Is there any time when forgiveness could do more harm than good? Explain more.
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      Armaghan Houshmand

      1. I consider myself as a forgiving person, once I had a friend at sixth grade who after the entrance examination, was jealous of me and talked to me in a bad way, we are not in touch anymore, but I forgived her, because I still remember that she was my friend ( my only friend) when I had just moved to Shiraz and did not know anyone and we had such good memories.
      2. Of course the bigger deal it is and the more trust you have on someone( somebody) , the harder it is to forgive. Fortunately I have not been betrayed hat hard from a friend yet,
      but I guess that forgiving makes it easier for you to let go, to have peace, I do not like it that it sounds cliche, but you do not forgive to have mercy on someone, but you forgive for your own good.
      3. You are a boss and you are betrayed from one of your employees \ coworkers. They have crossed the red line and this have broken your heart, you forgive them but that does not mean that you still let them work for you. You fire them but you also forgive them and you do not have to say this right to their face, because forgivness is a inner decision, you forgive them to save yourself from all those overthinking and hate that comes next.

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        I was amazed by your wisdom! I’m sorry about your unpleasant experience with your friend. Sometimes, I believe it’s almost impossible to get to know your friends thoroughly. However, we can use this famous proverb in English that reads “desperate times call for desperate measures”.
        About the second question, I totally agree with you on this point that forgiveness brings more peace of mind and tranquility.
        Considering the last question, I should say that when you fire one of your employees, it implies that you’ve not forgiven them. Conversely, this is a very severe type of punishment which of course must serve them right.


        1. After ‘consider’, do not use ‘as’. As comes after ‘regard’.
        2. forgived –> forgave
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      Farhang Hooshmand

      I usually try to forgive other people wrongdoing. But not unconditionally. At first it depends upon what they did and second if they notice they did something wrong and try and promise not to repeat it.
      sometimes somebody does something that could not be forgotten. Nelson Mandela said We forgive but not forget. I believe to what he said.
      Sometimes if you forgive it could lead to more harm than good. As Saadi said ” compassion with a savage tiger is oppression to innocent sheep”

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        Your reply was so meaningful and inspiring, and I enjoyed it a lot. I also hold onto this belief that unconditional forgiveness, if practiced excessively, could turn out to be counterproductive. This is because of the fact that the person who has betrayed us in one way or another might be encouraged to do so in the future on other people.
        believe to ==> believe in

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