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The Bucket List Movie Analysis in Film Criticism Course

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      The Bucket List movie analysis and review in Film Criticism Course forum for advanced ESL students. Immerse yourself in English by watching and analyzing great English movies. We choose one great English movie every week.

      The Bucket List movie review

      The Bucket List is a 2007 American buddy adventure comedy-drama film directed and produced by Rob Reiner, written by Justin Zackham, and starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The main plot follows two terminally ill men on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket“.

      The film premiered on December 15, 2007 in Hollywood and opened in limited release in the United States on December 25, 2007, by Warner Bros. The film then had a wide release on January 11, 2008. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film was chosen by National Board of Review as one of the top ten films of 2007 and was a box office success, opening at #1 in the United States, and grossing $175.4 million worldwide.

      Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

      The Bucket List movie trailer

      If you cannot see the embedded video below, click here to watch The Bucket List movie trailer directly.

      The Bucket List movie review

      “The Bucket List” is a movie about two old codgers who are nothing like people, both suffering from cancer that is nothing like cancer, and setting off on adventures that are nothing like possible. I urgently advise hospitals: Do not make the DVD available to your patients; there may be an outbreak of bedpans thrown at TV screens.

      The film opens with yet another voiceover narration by Morgan Freeman, extolling the saintly virtues of a white person who deserves our reverence. His voice takes on a sort of wonderment, as he speaks of the man’s greatness; it was a note that worked in “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Million Dollar Baby,” but not here, not when he is talking of a character, played by Jack Nicholson, for whom lovability is not a strong suit.

      Source: https://www.rogerebert.com/

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      The Bucket List is a nice and comfort movie that you can watch with your family and friends during a holiday afternoon. It’s going to make you laugh and bring you hope, it also reminds us to live in the moment and spend time with people we care for and love. The movie inspired me to write a To-Do list of my own.

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      The Bucket List movie is intended to teach us how to get the most out of our limited time. Life is precious and should be treated with care and awareness. In this film, cancer brought joy and excitement to the mundane lives of the main 2 actors. This is because they were determined to manage their time more precisely. From this point of view, this film has something to do with The Dead Poets Society, in which the concept of carpe diem is centralized.

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