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English Question about Insomnia & Nightmare

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      English question about insomnia

      1. What would you do if you noticed that unless you changed your favorite job for another one with lower income, you would have horrid insomnia and nightmares every night?
      2. What are you willing to do in order to avoid having nightmares or bad dreams?
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      Armaghan Houshmand

      1: In response to the first question, Yes! I would certainly panicked for the first few days and for sure I would got an insomnia. But I am not sure that if I would got horrid nightmares too or not.

      2: When I was in the 10th grade, I had really bad sleeps, I had horrific nightmares and for a few months I sufferd from insomnia. After a few time I realized It was because of the huge amount of stress that I had.
      Now days , to avoid nightmares and insomnia, I meditate before sleeping to calm my brain and turn of my thoughts.

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      As you mentioned stress and insomnia and having nightmares are closely intertwined. To avoid nightmares, some people superficially take sleeping pills, which I believe, could exacerbate the situation.
      Practicing meditation before going to bed is a reliable technique to calm you down and deepen your sleep.

      However, I think you can never turn off your thoughts completely. You can filter out negativity, though.


      1. after ‘would’ and other modal auxiliaries, always use bare infinities.
      2. Insomnia is uncountable.
      3. after a few times
      4. I suffered
      5. nowadays
      6. turn off my thoughts
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