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Antaean 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

Antaean 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam as a technical word in mythology for SAT & GRE candidates used in authentic context with synonyms, images and antonyms to practice reading and listening skills and improve your advanced vocabulary

/an-ˈtē-ən/ (adj)


possessing supernatural or superhuman strength, relating to Antaeus who was a strong athlete killed by Hercules

colossal, gargantuan, huge, mammoth, titanic, herculean, giant, gigantic, massive


Gulliver’s second voyage takes him to Brobdingnag, inhabited by a race of antaean people or giants. A farm worker finds Gulliver and delivers him to the farm owner. The farmer begins exhibiting Gulliver for money, and the farmer’s young daughter, Glumdalclitch, takes care of him. One day the queen orders the farmer to bring Gulliver to her, and she purchases Gulliver. He becomes a favourite at court, though the king reacts with contempt when Gulliver recounts the splendid achievements of his own civilization. The king responds to Gulliver’s description of the government and history of England by concluding that the English must be a race of “odious vermin.” Gulliver offers to make gunpowder and cannon for the king, but the king is horrified by the thought of such weaponry. Eventually Gulliver is picked up by an eagle and then rescued at sea by people of his own size.

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puny, lilliputian 

Parts of speech

Noun: Antaeus

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