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English Question about Physical Appearance

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      1. How much are you influenced by a person’s physical appearance?
      2. How would it affect you and change your life if something happened to make you much less attractive compared to your current physical appearance?
      3. If you were made to choose between beauty and intelligence, which quality would you like to pick for yourself?
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      Armaghan Houshmand

      1. Although I really try to do not judge people by their appearance, but I’ll be still a bit influenced by people’s physical appearance at the first sight.
      2. I think it would have much effect on me. Maybe it affects on my self confidence.
      3. Well I guess I can reach whatever I want with a certain amount of hard work. I am not very smart nor a genius but I am quit satisfied with my IQ degree, so I am gonna choose beauty.

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        * try not to judge
        * Don’t use ‘although’ and ‘but’ with each other.
        * at first sight / glance
        * it affects my self-confidence
        * quite

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      To be hones I am influenced by other people general appearance and behavior. Most of the time I try not to judge people by their physical appearance. I think everybody – beautiful or ugly – should always be clean and neat. I think that everybody must put dresses and behave in such way that is compatible with their social classes.
      If bad luck or life bring a situation of less attractiveness – I mean ugliness- it will be hard to manage but what I could do, I have to tolerate and accommodate myself to new situation and find ways to compensate my weakness with positive values and virtue and intellect.
      If I have to choose between beauty and intelligence I implore God to grant me s part of both. I think moderation in everything is the best.

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