1100 Words, Week 6, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 6, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 6, Day 4

New Words


Perfect Products
I guess we’ll never be able to quell those persistent rumors about the invention of auto tires that will never wear out, stockings that
cannot tear, and pens that won’t run dry. A voluble economist informed me that such products will never be marketed. “Can you
imagine,” he asked, “a manufacturer cutting his own throat? Why would he sell you an item that you will never have to replace? No,”
my confidant whispered, “it’s part of their scheme of planned obsolescence to sell you merchandise with a limited life span in order
to keep you coming back for more.” I am dubious about the existence of those perfect products, but then I’m from Missouri.

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the proper blanks.
1. When the duplicity* was revealed, the jury became dubious about Ed’s innocence.
2. In order to quell the riot, the police sallied* forth with tear gas.
3. A teenage boy’s father should be his confidant.
4. The obsolescence built into many products could be regarded as a flagrant* insult toward the duped* consumer.
5. I could not doze in the chair because of the voluble barber.


Play the familiar matching game.
6. quell:  put an end to
7. voluble: talkative
8. confidant: one to whom you confide your secrets
9. obsolescence: process of wearing out
10. dubious: doubtful

Today’s Idiom

thumbs down: signal of rejection (Roman emperors could condemn a gladiator who fought poorly by turning their thumbs down)
My father turned thumbs down on our plan to hitchhike to Florida during Easter.

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