1100 Words, Week 7, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 7, Day 4

1100 Words, Week 7, Day 4

?  Watch this video to see how the teacher teaches this lesson:

? New Words

? Words in Context

Happy Ending?
Following an executive session, the school board ordered the to terminate the suspension and to send the boys back to class forthwith. it could be shown that their presence disrupted the , there was no reason to bar the boys. It was a
bitter pill to swallow* for the principal whose irritation was exacerbated by the . But some of the sting was taken out of the victory when the boys appeared in school the next day with their hair clipped to a length. Everyone breathed . Just as things were about to revert to normalcy, however, the same French teacher then demanded that a girl be ousted from school for wearing a mini skirt.

? Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. It seemed * to terminate his employment just when he was so successful.
2. Upon seeing the show, he called the TV studio forthwith to protest.
3. The ushers moved with * to oust the disorderly patrons.
4. After taking the drug, she began to revert to the days of her childhood.
5. The arrest of the did much to exacerbate relations between the two countries.

✅ Definitions

Match the new words with their meanings.
6. terminate ➡ to end
7. forthwith
8. exacerbate ➡ to irritate, to make worse
9. revert ➡ to return
10. oust ➡ to ,

? Today’s Idiom

➡ having a selfish in the background
I am always * about the motives of a man who tells me that he has no ax to grind.

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2 thoughts on “1100 Words, Week 7, Day 4”

  1. This teaching was excellent and different from others. you learn us to pay attention to any thing in this lesson whether in meaning, pronunciation, and the role of words in sentences so there is no question for us. Also, now we learn how to use our mind in more productive ways for learning better. Thanks a lot.

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