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English Negotiations Archive to exercise reasoning and evidence-based discussion.

Negotiation of meaning in English with recorded podcasts to practice reasoning and brainstorming

In this archive, you can study and listen to the ever-growing corpus of our English negotiations between the teacher and LELB students.

All our negotiations have been recorded and archived in this category. This activity is so ideal for practicing speaking for the IELTS exam.

In this activity, LELB students are given enough time to consider some really challenging topics in advance so that they can think about them as deeply as possible. They are also encouraged to carry out research on the specified subject matter if necessary.

Afterwards, they should use their notes and findings in our heated arguments to prove the other side that they are right by referring to their finding and notes.

Our English negotiations make it feasible for the LELB students to practice all the four skills naturally and interactively.

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