Free samples of lessons at LELB Society with flashcards and podcasts

Free Samples of Lessons with Flashcards and Podcasts

Free samples of lessons in categories with flashcards, podcasts, comment forms, collocations and so forth:

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504 Absolutely Essential Words

504 Absolutely Essential Words LELB Society

1100 Words You Need to Know

1100 Words You Need to Know with Podcasts and Flashcards

English Flashcards

English Flashcards for IELTS and TOEFL

English Idioms

English Idioms LELB Society

English Vocabulary in Context

افزایش دایره واژگان انگلیسی

Reading Practice (For and Against)

For and Against LELB Society

Listening Practice with Podcasts

IELTS Listening Practice LELB Society

IELTS Reading Practice

IELTS Reading on Creativity

IELTS Interviews with Analysis

IELTS-Speaking-Test on Visiting Places - LELB Society

IELTS Writing Task 1 Models

IELTS Essay on Car Trips - IELTS Writing Task 1 - LELB Society

IELTS Writing Task 2 Models

IELTS Writing Task 2 LELB Society

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

English Conversations

English Conversation

English Grammar

Present and Past Participles in English Grammar

English Questions for Discussion

English-Questions-about Finding Money

English Presentations with Podcasts

English Presentation on Learning Styles - LELB Society

English Songs with Lyrics

Learn English to Live Better

How to practice affirmations - LELB Society

Learn Persian Online

Learn Persian Online - LELB Society

Research Conduction in English

Research Conduction LELB Society

TESL Issues

Structure Dependency - LELB Society

مدرسه دانش آموزان استثنایی


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