Practice Teaching English Online and Make Money for Yourself

Practice Teaching English LELB Society

Practice teaching English online and make money for yourself.

Practice Teaching English Online

On LELB Society, you have this unique opportunity to practice teaching English online.

You can either teach our Free English Class or teach as many students as you wish and charge them independently. We can create a specific voice channel in our Discord server for you and your classes.

The advantages of teaching English on LELB Society

  1. Make as much money as you wish by teaching English online without any restriction.
  2. Gain so much practical experience and become a renowned English teacher worldwide.
  3. Join LELB Society’s professional team.
  4. Use our valuable resources enriched with our English flashcards, hyperlinks, embedded podcasts, comment forms, English forums, etc. for free in your teaching.

To teach English online on LELB Society and make money, please kindly consider the following:

  1. You and your students should join LELB Society with one click.
  2. All of our online classes are held on Discord. Download Discord and join our server for our classes.
  3. Your classes along with any educational content you might develop are recorded and archived in the category of practice teaching English under your own name so that you could become a well-known English teacher.
  4. Contact me if you wish to practice teaching English online.
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