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Practice Teaching English LELB Society

English Online

Practice Teaching English Online

On LELB Society, you have this unique opportunity to practice teaching English online.

When considered to be qualified to join LELB Society’s team as an English teacher, you will be teaching our Free English Class. Although you are not paid for teaching this class, you could gain valuable insights into becoming a successful online English teacher.

To become an English teacher on LELB Society, you should have an active account on our community and join hundreds of other members. If you are not a registered member yet, you can create your free account in a minute.

You can use our valuable sources enriched with our photo dictionary, hyperlinks, embedded podcasts, comment forms, etc. for free in your teaching.

Fill out the form below and submit it to us to become one of the proud team members of LELB Society as an English teacher.

To become a teacher on LELB Society, you should first have an active account.
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