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1100 Words Week 25 Day 2 | Vocabulary for IELTS

1100 Words Week 25 Day 2

1100 Words Week 25 Day 2

New Words


Words in Context

A Universal* Danger
Man’s ability to obliterate life on this planet has increased at a rapid rate. We are now faced with the of new weapons that can of life and property on a scale our imagination. No matter who takes the first step to , the possibility exists that the conflagration will spread and envelop the world. Much thought has been given to ways and means of preventing this catastrophe.* Some consider it mandatory* that the nuclear powers on methods of limiting and controlling these weapons, for such an agreement, we may was made practical.

Sample Sentences

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.
1. Who could imagine a more bizarre* story than the one having to do with a cow causing the conflagration in Chicago?
2. No matter how one tries to delete material from a computer, it is almost impossible to obliterate it.
3. You will rue that display of histrionics* when I asked you to help.
4. She could not imagine how she was going to get him to initiate a conversation about marriage.
5. The hometown fans thought the umpire’s decision was deplorable.


Let’s put the new words together with their meanings.
6. obliterate ➡ erase,
7. deplorable ➡ sad, pitiable
8. initiate ➡ start,
9. conflagration
10. rue ➡ regret

Today’s Idiom

➡ swing something
I told Charlie to his and come cross-country biking with us. He’s blowing hot and cold on the deal .

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