1100 Words You Need to Know Week 37 Day 2

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 Week 37 Day 2

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 37 Day 2

New Words

Words in Context

Thoreau’s book about the austere but at Walden Pond propagated* his fame around the world. He built a small hut and began living an ascetic* existence. He found it to be a felicitous experience. In this idyllic* setting he was able to spend his time reading, studying nature, writing, and thinking. Far from being indolent,* he kept busy in many ways. At the end of the experiment he recalled the . He believed he had learned the secret of the truly . The only tenable way of life is one in harmony with nature; material possessions are superfluous.

Sample Sentences

Insert the new words in these sentences.
1. When he found his sinecure* was no longer tenable, he felt it a propitious* time to resign.
2. Far from being ostentatious,* she was considered the acme* of fashion because of her austere manner of dress.
3. Because he was an itinerant* worker, he had to disdain* carrying superfluous equipment.
4. On that felicitous occasion the amount of money he spent was irrelevant.*
5. During the turbulent* days of the war, they wished for the halcyon days of earlier times.


Match the new words with their definitions.
6. austere ➡ simple, unadorned, hard
7. felicitous ➡ happy
8. halcyon ➡ peaceful, calm
9. tenable ➡ supportable, defendable
10. superfluousexcessive, surplus

Today’s Idiom

Off the beaten track ➡ not usual, out of the ordinary
Because his ideas were always off the beaten track, he lived under a sword of Damocles* on his job.

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