1100 Words You Need to Know Week 38 Day 4

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 38 Day 4

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 38 Day 4

New Words


Words in Context

Something for Everyone
To the derogatory comments from the older generation the teenagers might retort that new fashions and styles are adopted by the elders with alacrity. Though they complain, women emulate their daughters by shortening or lengthening their hems. They may appear reticent about the bother and expense of altering their wardrobe, but they give tacit approval to the change by rushing to the department stores where they jostle each other to buy copies of the more expensive dresses. The conclusion one might reach after observing how women countenance the arbitrary changes year after year is that they are naive or victims of some chicanery practiced by the clothing industry. Women may appear hapless before the intimidation* of ”style,” but the real truth may lie in the fact that they are so docile because they secretly enjoy the yearly excitement around the latest fashions.

There’s another familiar word reintroduced today. Did you recognize reticent?

Sample Sentences

Insert the new words in these sentences.
1. The reporter divulged the blatant chicanery involved in the awarding of the contract.
2. Even the most docile person may become fractious when he gets only a pittance for his hard labor.
3. His egregious behavior brought a tacit reproach to his mother’s eyes.
4. Most politicians are reticent when asked to divulge their ambitions.
5. He refused to retort to the rash question about his propensity for imbibing.


Match the new words with their definitions.
6. retort (v.): to answer, reply, respond
7. reticent: silent or reserved
8. tacit: understood, implied, not stated
9. chicanery: trickery, underhandedness
10. docile: easy to manage

Today’s Idiom

To maintain the status quo: to keep things as they are

You hit the nail on the head when you said we ought to maintain the status quo and not change horses in midstream.

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